Chief Editor: Hu Bin

Deputy Chief Editor: Yin zhentao and Zheng Liansheng


    As the annual report of the Research Center for Financial Laws and Regulations (FLR), China Financial Supervision and Regulation Report: 2015 seeks to reflect the current status, development and reform progress of China's financial supervision and regulation in a systematic, comprehensive, persistent and authoritative manner. With the philosophy of “factually recording, objectively reviewing, and comprehensively analyzing”, we hope this report can provide reliable and useful references for financial institutions, academic researchers, and regulatory authorities.

    The Report 2015 consists of three parts: General Reports, Sub-reports, and Special Topics. The first general report is Development and Regulation of the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System,on the basis of analyzing development process of the NEEQ system, this paper researches the development status and main problems of the NEEQ system. What’s more, some policy suggestions are put forward to complete the regulatory system of NEEQ. The second general report is Financial Supervision of China: Significant Events in 2015, which surveys the major reform and policy issues of China's financial supervision and regulation in 2015 and gives an outlook of 2016. The sub-reports provide the details of development in regulation of banking, securities, insurance, trust and foreign exchange administration. The Special Topics deliver deeper analysis on selected important issues in China’s financial supervision and regulation, including regulation of interbank business, program trading, block chain technology, pledge of securities and financial accounts with real identity, and so on.

    Professor Hu Bin, as the chief editor of the Report 2016, is responsible for the organization and final approval of the compilation. Dr. Yin Zhentao and Dr. Zheng Liansheng, as deputy chief editors, are responsible for the editing work. We would like to thank the authors for their brilliant work. We would also like to thank Ms. Zhou Li and Ms. Yun Wei who work in the Social Sciences Academic Press (China) for their invaluable help and support. We expect the Annual Report on China's Financial Supervision and Regulation to become an important platform for the communication and cooperation between FLR and all sectors of the society, thus promoting the reform and development of China's financial supervision and regulation. 

The Chinese Financial Supervision Report: 2015
Development of China's Financial Supervision and Regulation



Annual Report on China's Financial Supervision and Regulation: 2016

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